Refs Shine in 5-4 Win Over Bz

Despite 2 goals by returning winger Dan “A Koala Stole My Dangle” Hewson, the Bladezillas were defeated 5-4 in a closely contested battle against the Refs tonight, losing short handed in extra time. We caught up with BeeZee Defenseman Sean “Even I Spell My Last Name Wrong Sometimes” Roozku after his team’s OT loss to ask…

A Swift Recap

Traction 2 – Bladezillas 1 Having lost 2 out of the last 3 games, the Bz went into their match vs the Traction hoping that, although they go crashing down, they come back every time. They never go out of style! Long time team member Jason “Gyllenhaal” Martin spoke prior to the game of his team’s recent blank…

Bz Photography

We have a new sister site which will focus on our various photos taken over the years. A special thanks to Scott Hemenway, Mike and Carol Browne and Wes Eigler for all their help! The site can be found at and we will be adding a link on the main site of course. Enjoy!

Bz Fundraiser!

Title: Bz Fundraiser!Location: Delta LionDescription: buy a ticket! Win some Canucks tickets! get drunk!Date: 2013/11/05

Ninja Update

Added some content from Joleen. If you are a defenceman (or like reading about them) check out their BzBios

Better Than Another Havoc Recap

Finally, my little project is finished. They say that the work you do isnt important but its important that you do a great deal of it and so much as beer-league hockey is concerned I couldnt agree with you more. To that end (THERE IS NEVER AN END) let me preset to you BLADEZILLA BIOS!…

Caption Contest #2

“But you said this time I could be the big spoon!” Think you can do better?

Caption Contests

Its not really a contest but I reach toward whatever alliteration I can, whenever I can. But: Captions! Speaking with Dewey today via a 3rd party, msn messenger-like internal chat program that shall remain namess we (him) came up with an easy way to keep easily entertained people coming back to the site: Beat The…

Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle K

“They get better.” I am proud to say that, even by blogzilla standards, that title has very little to do with anything whatsoever. Of course I am a writer first (hockey player… 3rd?) so I will endeavor to make it work but… no promises. As always. It would help if I had seen Bill and Ted in…