Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle K

“They get better.”

I am proud to say that, even by blogzilla standards, that title has very little to do with anything whatsoever. Of course I am a writer first (hockey player… 3rd?) so I will endeavor to make it work but… no promises. As always. It would help if I had seen Bill and Ted in recent memory or was a raging Bill S Preston Esquire fan (fuck Ted Theodore Logan) but, alas, I am not. Going to just wing it I suppose. See how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Strange Things are afoot at the GPF. 

See? Tied that in nicely if I do say so myself (I do). Movie Quotes 0 – Mr. Zilla 1. When you’re this popular they call you Mr! See what I did there? Yet another pop culture reference and a clever nod towards our 1800 blog views last month. 1600 so far in April! Hit that refresh button, Dewey! You have to really want it!

Yes, I could blog about last night‘s game vs the Freakshow. I could say we had a few good chances. The Jason Adam Mike line (in that order) had a decent amount of shots – Jason was all alone at the side off a bad Freak pass, hit the post in the 2nd. Adam had a good wrap around goal. Mike fanned on a glorious attempt in the slot but what can ya do? Doyle squeezed a lot of people out. Kyle cleared a few key pucks on the penalty kill. We had our highlights. But I dont want to talk about those. I want to talk about what we need to do to win. So I will! Because this is my outlet and no one can stop me.

Thing That Would Help Us Win #1: Play with grit. Grittier. If Bladezilla wants to win more consistently we will need to fight for the puck. Versus the Show we were passive; we let them pass around us, we didnt get in their way. Putting your stick out as they skate by you is not defence. It is lazy. Backskate! Skate with them! Push them off the puck. Active stick (when non-stationary!) Dont hook them or slash them or give up. We all do these things from time to time and, yeah, some people have a pretty good Crosby impression and, well, what can you do? Try. Thats what you can do. Try hard. Want it!

Thing #2: Understand Mike and Stevie won’t always be there to score your goals. That sounds glib, and I meant it to be, but we played like a team that didnt know how to carry the puck into their zone, or didnt always want to dump it in. Will is going to be the fittest defenceman, ever, or die of a heart attack this season if we keep this up. We need to get some dirty goals; get some shots from anywhere we can and ahve someone in front to bang in the rebound. Create some traffic in front. If we get back to basics and work on our passing we can be a much better team. You’ve got to want it! Eat that ice cream! Ziggy piggy! Ziggy piggy!

Thing the Third: Mike Pollard needs to put on Mike Richard’s jersey. I think this has upsides: 1, it will divert attention from other Bz. In fact, he should also wear a white helmet. And light himself on fire. Every little bit helps! 2: I dont have a 2. This was a one joke pony. I regret nothing.

I also want to add that Jamie is BeeZee approved. That means as much as you would think it does but its the gesture that counts.

Since I am not at home I cant now but soon – so soon! – i will put up the ringtone for Bz that troy sent me that I converted that will only work on iphones – thanks Troy enjoy that blackberry you ludite! Ahem. The future is now! Be excellent to each other!

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  1. Dewzilla says:

    I dont like how you always favor the Iphone…wall papers and screen savers and now a ring tone? Long live andriodzilla!!!

    1. Winter 2011-2012 Norris CHAMPION says:


  2. longhorn says:

    Don’t worry I have a ringtone for the rest of us….. The important ones!!!

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