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This award was named after long time Bladezilla Mike Pollard following his relocation to Sask.

The Mike Pollard Award is awarded annually to the Bladezilla who brings the most to the team off the ice. Ignoring stats or on-ice production entirely, this award rewards the player that others most want in the locker room; attitude, humor, and a willingness to help their team mates with whatever may arise are major factors in deciding the recipient.

This award is voted on by the entire team like the NHL's Pearson Award.

Award winners

Mike Pollard has never won his own award. We welcome him to come back and try.

List of winners

Season Award Winner
Winter 2013-2014 Daniel Hewson

Inaugural Speech by Mike Pollard

The following speech was written by Mike Pollard and wired in from Sask. and read by Jason Martin before the award was handed out for the first time.

"I once believed that the combination of advances in medical science and a high level of income would be the card up my sleeve that would give me the competitive advantage I need to one day earn a trophy for my on the ice efforts. Having recently reassessed this theory, I’ve concluded that unless advances in cybernetics take a huge leap forward and Bill Gates decides to invest his life’s fortune in my development, I may have over-estimated my ability.

Some people are blessed with natural talent and aptitude for sports, I unfortunately am blessed with neither. So when the idea of having my name on an award was mentioned, I played it cool and agreed to wave all copyright infringement litigation that I may be entitled to bring against the club.

In all seriousness though, it is a huge honour to be thought of as a valued teammate. Even though I may not have been the guy to put up the numbers or make the big plays, I always tried to bring a positive and encouraging atmosphere to the locker room and the bench. More than I can possibly express in words, I value the friendships and comradery this team brought to my life, and I thank everyone for always making me feel welcome and appreciated, and even giving me a kick in the ass when I needed it!

During my time as a Bladezilla, I learned so much about what it truly means to be part of a team. This group is much more than a bunch of guys that get sweaty and drink beer (with Kyle). Regardless of where I am or how much time passes, I will always consider you my teammates and good friends (even Kyle).

  1. 18 Mike “BZ 4-Life” Pollard"