Mike Pollard

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#18 - 10% legs, 90% willpower

Player Data
Height 5'5
Shoots Left
Position Right Wing
Favorite Carebear HeartSong Bear

Beer League career

The Bladezillas (2009–2013)

Mike is a dedicated man, a man who loves his hockey. Mike underwent back surgery one season to resolve some pretty crippling pain and fix his leg that, at best, had 30% of its strength. He was playing on less than 1.5 legs! Yzerman-style. He came back after rehab and was a changed man who, to his disappointment, needed more back surgery. More rehab and, boom, back again (pun!), playing not only for [{The Bladezillas]] but for his own team The Puckleheads as well.

Random Anecdote #1

Mike has a traitor’s heart, creating his own team at the Coquitlam Planet Ice when Bz no longer “did it for him.” Oh, he still plays, we know. We know.

Random Anecdote #2

His other team is smelly and not very good and Bz has always beaten them when we have skirmished. Very smelly. And illiterate.

"Dewey Remembers..."


by Dewey Booth

Where do you find hockey players? At an ice rink of course!!! Where do you recruit hockey players? In a dressing room full of strangers after drop in hockey in Burnaby, obviously!!!

This is no joke and here is how it happened…after drop in hockey one afternoon at Burnaby 8 rinks I stood in the middle of a locker room filled with people and asked as loud as I could “Does anyone want to join a hockey team?” and like a champ beer in hand Mike of the Pollards raise his hand and announced to the world that he has a chq book and he’s not afraid to use it!!! After getting changed we spoke for a bit in the parking lot (not a tailgate sadly) talked about the team and finances and right then and there Mike signed on.

This is a story of trust and faith. I had to trust Mike that he wasn’t just going to screw me and Mike had to trust that a team with the name Bladezillas actually existed. Needless to say its worked out for everyone involved and I thank the hockey gods everyday that I was able to lock eyes with mike that day he was getting changed in the locker room and sign him onto the team.

Off the ice

Mike Pollard was honored by the team following the Winter 2013-2014 season with The Mike Pollard Award.

Career statistics


First Point:

The Bladezillas vs. The Nutrabolics Hockey Club. - Sept 21 2009
2nd 10:16 Stephen Halverson ( William Fraser, Mike Pollard )  

First Goal

The Royal Pain vs. The Bladezillas. - Sep 9, 2010 
3rd - 01:51 Mike Pollard ( unassisted ) 

Best season: Winter 2012-2013, 2 goals and 9 assists.

Best Game: The Steelers. vs. The Bladezillas. - Dec 3, 2012. 3 assists.

1st - 18:51 Duncan Brown ( Mike Pollard, Sean Ruczko ) 
3rd - 12:46 Robert Antoniali ( Mike Pollard ) 
3rd - 06:46 Matt Halverson ( Mike Pollard )


Award Year
Bz Most Gentlemanly Player Award Winter 2011-2013