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#7 -The Original Iron Fist.
Player Data
Height ?
Shoots Left
Position Defence
Favorite Carebear (Cousin) Gentle Heart Lamb

Beer League career

The Bladezillas (2009–present)

Rob is a man of quiet dignity. A scholar and a gentleman, Mr. Antoniali (respectfully referred to as “The Professor” by his teammates, chums) admires the finer points of hockey: a leaf-crisp pass in the winter, the gentle spray of snow after a rigorous skate. The smell of timely victory chased and an aged brandy while debating Cicero amongst friends.

A lot can be said about Rob. He is an amazing skater, with amazing hands, who can and often has gone end to end. His backhand is absurd in these situations. He is a clutch defenceman, able to push a player off the puck or pokecheck for a breakout. Rob can also hit – something that he often does, which is why he has so many more penalty minutes than everyone else on the team. Its fun to watch, at any rate.

Behind The Mask:


Joleen Badger on Robert Antoniali.

“Robert, Robert, Robert. You know, for the longest time I didn’t know how to say his last name. Of course, that could be partially due to the fact that I kind of just looked at the first letter and assumed what the others were and where they should be. It’s easier that way- and more fun! What can I say, in the early days, when I was scooping so very many pucks out of my net every game, I needed distractions.

The nice thing about being in net is that you get to be on the ice for the full penalty kill AND get a pretty awesome view of the man in the box who is responsible for making your life more difficult so you can associate the angry resentment with a face! Like the other team needs numerous power plays- don’t you know how many odd-man rushes and breakaways they get?!! No consideration.

Though I guess I can’t really get too mad. Stevie would often have to drop back to D to cover that gaping, frequently occurring void, so I guess he was really just helping us bond. So thoughtful!

Oh, but I must summarize by saying he is really the most best defenseman- nay, PLAYER – that the Bz have ever had! And his shot is really hard, and he skates like Niedermayer and Sean Ruczko, William Fraser and Troy Shannon all combined can’t touch his very impressive and formidable defensive skills.

(and has nothing to do with a very extensive and potentially incriminating library of videos he has on his phone, I swear)”

"Dewey Remembers..."


by Dewey Booth

"Working for HSBC I never thought there would ever be someone that I could talk hockey with but after two separate branches and a couple of job tittles I found myself standing to the right of a bankteller with a mischievous smirk on his face and wearing glasses (last name hints at something Italian).

Me ‘Hey’ Rob ‘Hey’

Me ‘You like Hockey?’

Rob ‘Uh yep’

Me ‘Want to be on a Hockey team?’

Rob ‘Uh yep. Want me to transfer the funds for payment in now?’

Me ‘Dear god yes we need this’

Rob ‘Lucky for me cause my team just foldeded’

This makes the second time in a row that we have recruited someone right after their other team has folded. Am I starting to look like an opportunist? Or a stalker maybe (see bio: Joleen badger)…

I don’t remember how long after Rob paid in that day that he played his first game but I know its been worth it every game and you can TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!!!"

Career statistics


First Point and First Goal: Sept. 21 2009 The Bladezillas vs. Nutrabolics Hockey Club.

2nd - 11:49 Robert Antoniali ( Kyle Johnson )

Best Season: Winter 2011-2012 – 13 goals 8 assists for 21 points in 31 games.

Best Game: The Bladezillas. vs. The Splonkers - Jan 14, 2012. 4 points - 3 goals 1 assist.

1st - 07:46 Robert Antoniali ( Adam Fraser, Jason Martin ) 
2nd - 17:07 Robert Antoniali ( Sean Ruczko ) 
3rd - 14:28 Michael Richards ( Justin Doyle, Robert Antoniali ) 
3rd - 11:57 Robert Antoniali - Hooking , 2 min. 
3rd - 02:12 Robert Antoniali ( Sean Ruczko, Adam Fraser )


Award Year
The Iron Fist Award Winter 2011-2012
The Iron Fist Award Winter 2010-2011