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Player Data
Height ?
Shoots Left
Position Defense
Favorite Carebear Superstar Bear

Beer League career

The Bladezillas (2009–present)

William Fraser is the longest serving captain in the history of The Bladezillas. He has also been the only captain the team has ever had. Selecting the captain was a long, labourious process; Dewey Booth, who was starting the team, was very good friends with Will. Also: Will could skate (backwards, too!) and score, not something that could be said for everyone on the team that year. That stat is flawed because there was not many of us that year, period. He wears #99, the only one I have ever seen do so in a beer league, and most importantly he may have played hockey before Bz. Guess that describes a captain pretty well.

Will is in the top 3 of many Bz franchise stat leaders. Unlike Jason Martin and Dewey Booth who climb charts that are largely attendance based Will is fighting for most goals, points and assists all-time. It may have something to do with a slapshot that scares the shit out of everyone within the sound of the boom.

Fraser has also received more Team Awards than anyone in franchise history.

Despite often putting his band and girlfriend first in his heart (damn you monday night practices, sex!) Will is the team’s biggest cheerleader. Will is a vocal leader; he talks on the bench and encourages the team during intermissions. He brings his reffing experience to every game, speaking to and with the refs as needed and explaining rules when neccessary (how about them offsides, Corey?)

"Behind The Mask"


Joleen Badger on William Fraser.

"Ahh Will. At one point “Will” was synonymous with “Bladezilla Defense.” That’s all there was, people. I vividly remember the days when I would refuse to play if Will wasn’t there. No Will, no Jo. That’s how it was.

It was even a rung on the scale of the Joleen Suicide Watch Meter back in day (see blog archive if you’re too new to get the reference).

And the points! Oh the glorious points. We all know about the wicked slapshot the man can unleash- it was often a source of happiness for me, to be witnessing it from a safe distance and pitying the poor fool in the opposite net. Sometimes I play a game in my head and count the number of bruises I think Will has given the other goalie. Best part of the game? I almost always win.

Of course, he wasn’t perfect. I mean, he was playing for the early BZs so really that says it all right there. High risk, high reward, right? And often times the risks were high. Like, loop around behind the net and then come out and cut in front of the net, trying to weave through 3 guys kinda high (pfffft passing, who passes?). Don’t get me wrong, when it worked it looked damn good and we all cheered in awe and admiration. But those other times…let’s just say I quickly learned not to be too trusting and stop paying attention when Will was breaking out of our end.

You know what else, guys? Will can score in BOTH nets! So talented…so many own goals. It was probably my own fault. I really should have been more specific when I said I wanted to get some assists. Wow, that walk down memory lane was fun. Remember when we only had one defenseman and even he scored on me, and I was on suicide watch, and a single digit GA was a good game? Good times”

Career statistics


First Point:

The Bladezillas vs. The Surrey Royales - Oct 26, 2008 
2nd - 02:25 Sean Wright ( William Fraser ) 

First Goal:

The Teleflex Marines. vs. The Bladezillas - Nov 2, 2008 
1st - 01:10 William Fraser ( unassisted ) 

First Ejection (lifetime): Sept 23 vs. [{The Vikings]]

Fraser 2661, William Bladezillas. Game Misconduct 24/09/2014 to 02/10/2014 
(fighting a goalie!)

Best season: Winter 2010-2011 – 27 games played, 21 goals 13 assists for 34 points.

Best Game: The Bladezillas vs The Havoc - Oct 2, 2010. 7 points (5 goals, 2 assists)

1st - 17:20 William Fraser ( Brian Giorgio, Jason Martin ) 
1st - 08:10 William Fraser ( Brian Giorgio, Kyle Johnson ) 
1st - 00:21 William Fraser ( Brian Giorgio ) 
2nd - 11:30 William Fraser ( Brian Giorgio, Jason Martin ) 
2nd - 00:22 Brian Giorgio (William Fraser ) 
3rd - 07:28 Brian Giorgio (William Fraser, Sean Ruczko ) 
3rd - 04:38 William Fraser ( unassisted )

Career Hat Tricks: 5

The Bladezillas. vs. The Mad Ferrets - Sep 10, 2013 
1st - 15:15 William Fraser ( Michael Richards ) 
1st - 03:16 William Fraser ( Michael Richards, Duncan Brown ) 
3rd - 11:18 William Fraser ( Michael Richards, Sean Ruczko ) 
The Steelers. vs. The Bladezillas. - Nov 27, 2013 
1st - 16:02 William Fraser ( Robert Antoniali ) 
1st - 14:01 William Fraser ( Jamie Wright ) 
2nd - 09:34 William Fraser ( Robert Antoniali , Sean Ruczko ) 
2nd - 03:52 William Fraser ( James Eaket ) 
The Bladezillas. vs. The Mad Ferrets - Nov 26, 2012 
1st - 08:35 William Fraser ( Matthew Halverson, Justin Doyle ) 
1st - 00:17 William Fraser ( Duncan Brown, Patrick Hagarty ) 
3rd - 00:30 William Fraser ( unassisted ) 
The Havoc vs. The Bladezillas. - Oct 2, 2010 
1st - 17:20 William Fraser ( Brian Giorgio, Jason Martin ) 
1st - 08:10 William Fraser ( Brian Giorgio, Kyle Johnson ) 
1st - 00:21 William Fraser ( Brian Giorgio ) 
2nd - 11:30 William Fraser ( Brian Giorgio, Jason Martin ) 
3rd - 04:38 William Fraser ( unassisted )
The Teleflex Marines. vs. The Bladezillas. - Dec 17, 2010 
1st - 07:08 William Fraser ( Kyle Johnson ) 
3rd - 05:14 William Fraser ( unassisted ) 
3rd - 01:32 William Fraser ( Steven Booth )


Award Year
Bz Most Valuable Player Award Winter 2013-2014
Bz Most Valuable Player Award Winter 2012-2013
Bz Defenseman Of The Year Winter 2012-2013
Bz Defenseman of The Year Winter 2011-2012
Bz Defenseman Of The Year Spring 2010