The Bladezillas

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League Planet Ice Delta
Division Bottom?
Founded 2008
Colors Red, Black, White
General Manager Dewey Booth
Captain William Fraser
Division Cups 0
Division Championships 1
Official Website

The Bladezillas are a lower-division beer league ice hockey team that plays out of Planet Ice Delta in Delta, British Columbia. William Fraser has been the captain since its inception as has Dewey Booth been its the General Manager.

The Bladezillas were founded in 2008 by a small group of friends, many of which still play with the team today, including William Fraser, Justin Doyle and Jason Martin. The team has won its division once and advanced to the finals once, losing to the Vikings in straight games.

The Bladezillas have a single jersey retired - Mike Pollard, despite his insistence that he be allowed to play "whenever he might be in the area."

Team History

2008-2009, Winter : The Year Of Victory (Singular)

The first Bladezillas season, winter 2008-2009, was one of constant change; as Bz was just getting organized and had no core group of players the roster had 28 players ( Founding members ) registered to play by the end of the season, many of which only spared for single games or were called up at the last minute.

The Bz record for this season was 1-30-01 (.053) in 32 games, the single victory coming against the Surrey Royales on December 11 2008. The final score was 7-6, with Mike Byun getting the game winning goal at 08"15 in the 3rd period. This game is notable for 2 reasons: first, the opposing goalie was drunk and was kicked out by the ref in the 3rd period. This made them harder to play against. Finally, Mike Byun's game winning goal was a slap shot on the defender (who was in net) who took great offence at the effort.

While no official numbers have been released, Dewey Booth lost a great deal of money in the first year keeping the team afloat.

Spring 2009 to Spring 2011

We won some games. We lost a few more! uh. Skip to the next part, its more interesting.

Winter 2011-2012 to Spring 2014

Having finally matured and built a core group of regular players Bladezillas began building winning tradition, their franchise enjoying an above-500 45-43-4-4 during this period.

The Bz posted their best single-season record in the winter of 2012-2013, taking the top spot in the regular season 22-8-1-1 (.689%) with 46 points. Led by William Fraser who led the team with 44 points the Bz also saw other players several other players have then career years, including Jamie Wright (34 points), Daniel Hewson (31), Dewey Booth (27 points), Robert Antoniali (26 points), Sean Ruczko (25 points), Adam Fraser (22 points), Jason Martin (22 points), Justin Doyle (22 points). This was also the first season featuring forward Matt Halverson.

Winter 2014 to Present

Who can say? Stay tuned!

Season Records

Winter Leagues

Year Division GP W L T OTL GF GA PIM PTS W% Rank
Winter 2013-2014 10 32 14 13 3 2 144 134 331 33 .537 5/8
Winter 2012-2013 11 22 8 1 1 1 151 102 346 306 .689 1/6
Winter 2011-2012 11 32 11 18 2 1 123 152 328 25 .403 5/6
Winter 2010-2011 11 32 7 25 0 0 107 219 158 14 .269 5/6
Winter 2009-2010 13 24 2 21 0 1 54 171 138 5  ? 8/8
Winter 2008-2009 9 32 1 30 0 1 66 321 75 3 .053 6/6

Spring Leagues

Year Division GP W L T OTL GF GA PIM PTS W% Rank
Spring 2014 8 16 5 10 0 1 50 79 141 11 .423 4/6
Spring 2013 9 16 4 12 0 0 58 84 164 8 .307 9/9
Spring 2012 10 16 5 8 1 2 57 75 166 11 .227 4/4
Spring 2011 9 16 7 8 1 0 64 81 123 15 .538 4/6

Team Information


Bz is "owned" by Dewey Booth but run by several people within the team. Historically Robert Antoniali has managed the team's finances while Justin Doyle has been in charge of game-day rosters and lines. Troy Shannon has taken over the Beer Duty responsibilities as well.

Logos and Jerseys

Bladezillas have had only 2 official logos and jerseys: In 2008 Dewey Booth and Kent Welford created the Original Bladezilla logo. Featuring a hockey skate monster come to life, if you looked at it just right you could see laces become arms, The team colors mirrored those of the Minnesota Wild; purple and green. It should be noted they reportedly did this while high.

In 2010 it was decided to create new jerseys and a new logo to go on them. Multiple crests were created, most notably the Bladezilla Crest which was eventually discarded for the current Bladezilla Shield Logo. Bz's current colors are red, black and white and based on the Ottawa Senators RBK jerseys.



From its creation in 2008 the Bladezillas have had only a single Captain, William Fraser.

Assistant Captains

Originally Bladezillas had 2 assistant captains, Dewey Booth because "I run this damn team" and Justin Doyle who was instrumental in building the team with him.

In 2009-2010 Justin Doyle moved to Washington State for work. With new jerseys being created and a vote being put to the team Stephen Halverson was promoted for his on and off-ice leadership as well as Jason Martin for his team building, website and jersey design.

Dewey Booth: 2008 - Present
Justin Doyle: 2008 - 2010
Stephen Halverson: 2010 - Present
Jason Martin: 2010 - Present

Retired Numbers

Mike Pollard is the only Bz to have his number, 18, retired.

Franchise Scoring Leaders

Awards and Trophies


Team Awards for all annual Team Awards, presented during The Bladezillas Annual Award Ceremony And Dinner. 
The Bladezillas Belt for the hardware awarded to the Player of the Game each night.
The Die Hard Dino for the trophy awarded to the player with the best effort or worst luck in a given game. 



Franchise Statistics and Records

Individual Records

Season/Roster Statistics

Spring 2014 Roster 5-10-0-1
2013-2014 Winter League Roster 14-13-3-2
2013 Spring League Roster 4-12-0-0
2012-2013 Winter league Roster 22-8-1-1 (Division Champion), (Division Finals)
2012 Spring League Roster 5-8-1-2
2011-2012 Winter League Roster 11-18-2-1
2011 Spring League Roster 7-8-1-0
2010-2011 Winter League Roster 7-25-0-0
2010 Spring League Roster 2-12-0-0 *Richmond
2009-2010 Winter League Roster 2-21-0-1 *Richmond
2008-2009 Winter League Roster 1-32-0-1