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The same photo as from because, less work.
Player Data
Height ?
Shoots Right
Position Center
Favorite Carebear Always There Bear

Beer League career

The Bladezillas (2010–present)

Adam Fraser has a lot of things in common with William Fraser; both prefer unrealistically high numbers on their jerseys, for one. Both are known to play defense on occasion, but want to score. Facial hair! Birth parents are not one of those things, however. There had been some hope we would save money on jerseys if there were fewer last names but apparently that's not the case. Also: The Jerseys Weren't Expensive anyway! There is a lot to be said for one less surname to remember on this blog, don't discount that… But what does this have to do with the price of cheese? Nothing.

Adam is the very definition of a gritty forward. Does he go hard to the puck, all the time? Of course he does! Can he grind in the corners, can he score? Sure can! Adam also don't take no shit from no one. Adam will typically not start anything but he will not back down when he needs to defend himself or his teammates. His one ear being as poor as it is it is often assumed that every plea from the bench from “Adam they got it” to “let it go!” sounds to Adam as if an arena of impoverished Romans are screaming for the blood of the opposition. To be fair, sometimes they are.

Adam has begun filling in as goalie when needed but he is no Patrick Hagarty! Who in turn is no Joleen Badger. Steve Booth.

Off the ice


Once, during Spring 2012, Adam found all his gear stolen in the morning and had all new gear either borrowed or purchased so he could play that evening. Dedication!

Adam managed the first Bladezillas Fundraiser in 2012-2013. Prizes were raffled. Liquor was drunk. Fun was had for all!

Career statistics


First Point:

The Havoc vs. The Bladezillas - May 7, 2011 
2nd - 12:00 William Fraser 0110 ( Adam Fraser ) 

First Goal:

The Bladezillas vs. The Havoc - Jun 4, 2011 
2nd - 15:22 Adam Fraser ( Sean Ruczko, Stephen Halverson ) 

First Penalty:

The Vivonet Jets vs. The Bladezillas - Apr 24, 2011 
3rd - 05:14 Adam Fraser - Roughing, 2 min. 

Games Played Before First Ejection: 4

The Bladezillas vs. The Freakshows - May 3, 2011 
2nd - 16:30 Adam Fraser 0291/1188 - Fighting, 5 min. 
2nd - 16:30 Adam Fraser 0291/1188 - Game misconduct, 10 min. 

Best season: Winter 2011-2012 – 11 goals 10 assists for 21 points in 29 games.

Best Game: Adam has 3 points on 2 occasions:

The Bladezillas. vs. The Mad Ferrets - Sep 10, 2013 
1st - 13:25 Adam Fraser ( unassisted ) 
1st - 00:44 Adam Fraser ( James Eaket, Scott MacClements ) 
2nd - 14:50 Adam Fraser ( Sean Ruczko ) 
The Bladezillas. vs. The Vikings - Nov 16, 2013 
2nd - 00:24 Adam Fraser ( James Eaket ) 
3rd - 10:47 Matthew Halverson ( Jamie Wright, Adam Fraser ) 
3rd - 07:00 Jamie Wright ( James Eaket, Adam Fraser ) 

Most Penalties In A Single Game: 21. Splonkers vs. Bladezillas. - Dec 30, 2013

1st - 07:48 Adam Fraser - Interference, 2 min. 
2nd - 05:32 Adam Fraser - Tripping, 2 min. 
3rd - 10:48 Adam Fraser - Fighting, 5 min. 
3rd - 10:48 Adam Fraser - Game Misconduct, 10 min. 
3rd - 10:48 Adam Fraser - Instigating, 2 min.


Award Year
The Iron Fist Award Winter 2013-2014
The Iron Fist Award Winter 2012-2013