Thundercats 10 – Bz 4

New teams are a joy to recap games for. By “joy” I of course mean “unrelenting, systemic anger and frustration.” Who are these people and what do they do? They score goals, apparently. Hooray, Burnaby.


The upside, of course, is that I have to be creative if I want to blog Bz games (I am told that, yes, in fact I do want to blog) and think outside the box. Rink. Whatever. To that end I will be color coding this recap. Green for happy thoughts, Orange for angry ones. Fuck the Havoc! (also I set hyperlinks as red so thats out. Forward thinking?) Lets see just how balanced a commentator I am!

Nick Schweers is a dick. Just testing. But seriously, Asshole Of The Year 2017, you’ll see. 

Thundercats 10 – Bladezillas 4

The Thundercats, as a cartoon and a logo, are impossibly cool. The actual team, however? Kinda douchey. One one level, they can’t really be blamed. Its game 2, we are new at 8 Rinks, it will all get sorted out. Its beer-league hockey! On the other hand: spin-o-ramas when up 5 goals. But what can you do?

Some Random Jersey got the first goal, probably top corner bar down. But Bz wasn’t having that, no sir. Jason Martin received a pass from a defenseman the league didnt feel like giving an assist to, reaching behind him to tip it forward past the defender where he saucered it over to Duncan Brown who tucked it away to tie the game at 1 apiece. 

A miscellaneous assortment of mis-matched jerseys got the next 5 goals, led I am going to say by Maroon Asshat (real name) and his always-more-stick-handling-than-is-required-for-a-given-play. Big fan of that guy.

Steve (Not Matt! We definitely know the difference!) got a goal from Duncan to make it 6-2 as the second period drew to a close.

It was back and forth to start the 3rd with the Cats scoring another followed by Will.i.can (and a second Duncan assistthese aren’t your line mates, Duncan, why are you on the ice!).

From there on there was.. a lot of orange text.

The Cats continued to put goals in – and pad their stats with assists which was fun to watch – going full offense and at times letting us skate in and shoot. Maximum effort! They were clearly the better team (goalie was in the right division tho) and it blessedly free of chippy play, penalties and bad feelings. The game was decided by skill and that was a refreshing change. Bladezillas 1 –  Division 1 – Referees 2. Dont mind them at all.

Side notes: Sean is now in the lead for penalties (goon!) and why are any of you reading this, dont you have an event to get dressed up for?