A Bladezillas Recap Haiku. 

Black, red, white
Jerseys and sock tape.
We prepare.

“Please take it easy;”
Oh, my. You must be new here –
It seems unlikely.

Oh, That Pass!
A puck made bullet
made promise.

Dewey Shoots!
Time and time again
all in vain.

Steve can deke
and spin and backcheck
and blocks shots

and… and… and…
All you wish to be
so he is.

Ahead by a goal
Does not mean a victory!
We’re still in the 1st!

One goal lead
or fifteen thousand?
Get one more.

Sean on D –
Maybe on offense?
Who can tell.

Skate, Duncan!
Or slide on the ice?
Head trauma?

Now the Box!
It comes for us all
(Mostly Doyle).

Rob plays clean.
Playing clean is cool
Like bow ties.

Dr Who
References on blog?

Dan on fire
See what I did there?

wins game 4 to 2
Final score.