Hotshots Defeated At 2nd Battle Of Rink 4

Bladezilla Forces Prepare to Defend “Blue Line” From Advancing HotShots

Report from Mr. Zilla with the Bladezilla HC, March 4, 10:00 P. M. — The HotShots launched their expected offensive this evening on a front extending from center ice, in Rink 4, north-ward beyond the blue-line.

Hotshots Take Early Advantages in First Offensive

The Hotshots’ co-ordinated attacks momentarily overwhelmed defending Bz forces, scoring four direct hits in the First. After battling through several quick maneuvers the Bz troops in a magnificent counterattack threw a whole division of HotShots back across the opposing blue-line. There are now no HotShots across the ice in front of our forward troops. While at times desperately opposed, and down four to zero, at 10:12 o’clock this evening Gunnery Sergeant Stephen “Howitzer” Halverson broke through enemy lines. We inflicted heavy losses on the enemy, many of whom were drowned in a storm of pucks. We took 3 prisoners.

The offensive in the region of Zilla goalie Adam “The Last Line” Fraser was preceded by intensive artillery demonstration, beginning at 10:20. Twenty-five minutes after ten the whole ice was lighted up with the flare from thousands of skates in action. Not only did the enemy heavily bombard the defensive line, but, evidently using a new low-flex stick, they shelled from points twenty, twenty-five, and thirty feet from the goal line. The Hotshots were ahead some four to one.

“My centre is giving way, my right is retreating, situation excellent, I am attacking.” – Capt. William “The Bayonet” Fraser

Huge Artillery Preparation

Three times the Bladezilla guns balked the enemy’s efforts, and finally they were successful;  Colonel Antoniali and his troops made their costly way past the opposing goaltender. Hotshots who were taken prisoners said they had been long trained for this game, and their conduct showed it.  At 10:30 o’clock the battle-line ran from the base of the Bz netminder through a point just north of the Hotshot defense, where our men were firmly holding. Kyle “105mm” Johnson defeated a battalion via excellent support, bringing the war to a four-four tie as the Third Offensive began.

“The will to conquer is the first condition of victory.” -Private Johnson

It was difficult during this engagement to get accurate reports from all our forces. However, there was enough information to show that while the Hotshots were crossing into Bz-controlled zones the Bladezillas’ High Command was directing attacks all along the line.

Reversals Late in Third

While there is fighting west of the Penalty Box, its character shows that the HotShot drive is not now directed that way. The hip-checks and “body-checking” which started generally at 10:45 fell with great violence on the BeeZee. Thousands of high- explosive and knee-on-knee shots fell on Lt. Duncan “Heads Up” Brown.

The Bz, withdrawing from their defensive trenches north of the Schweers Line, waited until the attackers were very close, and then opened with a direct and flanking rifle fire. The Defending force was completely demoralized and retired in disorder. Captain William “Wayne” Fraser scored two direct hits, bringing the Bladezillas to a much-needed draw late in the battle. So far the HotShots have made no attempt to advance directly through the Neutral Zone, content to hold their trenches.

“The laurels of victory are at the point of the enemy RibCors.” – Private Karl “Cookie” Gregg

Long-Range Guns in Action

The HotShots in their determined drive have introduced another novelty. At 10:56 o’clock this evening cheap shots began to drop on a point some distance in front of our lines at intervals of five minutes. Andrew “Six Niner” Cairney, injured and near death following a cowardly attack on Bz forces during a moment of truce, was carried from the battle. This attack has accomplished small military result thus far, but serves, in the main, only to terrify women and children. It has been supposed that what the HotShot high command aimed at was to force the Bladezillian armies to fall back to almost a straight line from goalie Maurice Chan, compelling them to yield the game.

Decisive Victory in Rink Four

As exhausted troops continued the battle deep into the night a final wave advanced on HotShot fortifications to decide the field; Field-Marshal Jason “Old Saucer” Martin delivered a final order to Major Matthew “Brass Hat” Halverson which saw his depleted division breach the enemy lines, destroying the HotShot command and ending the battle for the Bladezillas.

“What you did was the greatest thing accomplished by any private soldier of all of the teams of the ASHL.” – Gen. Justin Doyle to Maj. Halverson.