Bz 3 – Havoc 2

There are a small handful of stories that every reporter both dreads and hopes for, moments of such importance that people come together around the closest TV or in quiet groups at their church to experience the event with those most dear to them. Like Dan Rather bringing the nation the news of the death of a president so many years ago a young journalist can find a career in one breathtaking moment.

Last night was not one of those nights. Still! Pretty awesome.

Bladezillas 3 – The Havoc 2

People assume that Bladezillas/Havoc hockey is a strict progression of violence to penalty box but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, its more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly, hockey wockey stuff.

We haven’t actually played the Havoc in some time. This is both a good and a bad thing: on the one hand, the season where we played them (roughly) every second game for 2 months was too much. Bad blood built up, reputations were made, generally it was just poor planning by the league creating a poor experience on the ice. Think about the fans! But, on the other hand, we do tend to get pumped up more to play the Havoc, now; no one had any other plans last night. So I guess that’s something.

That being said we were surprised last night was such a calm affair. Not complaining! Yes, there were a few penalties, but mostly for accidental tripping (only 1 coincidental was for roughing) which is pretty amazing considering the reputations we all have. Twice they apologized for slashes! I know, I am scared, too.

Dewey “I Think I Can” Booth Van Hussen tallied his 50th career goal (or 51st, depending on where you get your information) in the 1st period with a shot from the point that found its way top shelf. It doesn’t have to be hard if it is accurate! Or if the goalie never sees it. Either way!

Nick “The Glass Tiger” Schweers got the second goal for the Bz to take the lead with a good, gritty goal in front of the net. His line was productive all night, fighting during penalty kills and making the effort when it was needed.

The winning goal was scored by Dan “Pew Pew” Hewson in dramatic fashion in the 3rd. Dan had several amazing chances throughout the game; Doyle “The Puck IS Faster Than Me” Doyle sprung Dan for a mid-game breakway but he was denied. Maybe there was 2 breakaways? One was just caught five-hole by a falling Havoc goalie. He was due! Alone with the goalie – again! – Dan toe dragged to the left, got his own rebound and went top shelf. For the win!

Despite pulling their goalie and having some hectic play in our end the Bladezillas got back to a victory and hopefully a winning tradition against the Havoc.

This win is amazing for so many interesting, easily-blogged reasons. First, we beat the Havoc. In itself that’s more than reason enough to celebrate. More importantly we played a consistent game and fought off multiple attempts by our opponents. They skated hard, they kept tying the game, but we didn’t let it get away from us. And in the same vein it didn’t turn into a gong show, no fighting except from a few small shoving matches moments that didn’t go to far.

Next up, The Steelers! See you all there.