Bladezillas 6 – Hustle Gang 1

For those feeling nostalgic

Burnaby Love (Feat. Dr. J)

Bladezillas… knows how to hockey
Bladezillas… knows how to hockey…

Now let me welcome everybody to the very bottom Div
A Tier that thinks a composite is used like a shiv
The slashes hits ya forearm like they’re Havoc possessed
With Antonali on your defense the penalty box is blessed!
We on that poor wet ice with that bomb ass Jamie
He Hustlin’ cause he hates to see a score card empty
Every forward on a mission to get those goals
Red black and white pushin’ pucks into holes.

We been in the game for eight years reppin’ Delta
Ever since Andre3000 was pumpin’ Hey-Ya
Now it’s ’16 and they hook me and check me
Silver Easton shinin lookin like I robbed Wayne Gretzky

It’s all good from Hagarty to tha blue
Your defense is tha bomb if nobody’s getting through
Throw down yo gloves cause the play won’t be reviewed
#1 in the net and with the fine revenue!

Shoot it shoot it baby
Shoot it shoot it baby
Shoot it shoot it Kyle
Shoot it Bz

Ice is wet, goalies set, Justin Doyle dreamin’
Jamie Wright on the Right, Bz bench is screamin’
Fiendin for Hewson’s assists and his karaoke
The life of a Hustler is hard when they skating slowly!
Only in Bz Hockey do we PK as we live and die
Bz got our feet up in the box (that’s right)
Short-handed goals, barrel rolls, gets him named on the blog
Hewson juicin’ all his moves from his catalogue
Play how you play!
But bury that bomb pass by J
Makin’ saucer passes look like childsplay!
From Beardmore to Johnston
From center ice and back down
The goal line is where bz put they mack down
Give me love!