2016 Award Predictions

Yes! It is that time of year again, the only thing any of you play for anymore – awards season! Another Winter season has come and gone. The ballots have been submitted, the envelopes are sealed in wax (or will be – clocks, who are they to tell us we are so far behind?) and the final preparations are underway at Ché Karl‘s. We are so excited!

The editorial board here at Bladezillas.info know how the BeeZee mind works; you stand in your bedroom looking down at the red and black sequin jacket with custom embroidered tie and wonder: “Who is going to win hardware this weekend, will my attire blind my teammates?” Maybe, and if they are lucky.

Good questions, both! Here are our predictions for the Winter 2015-2016 Bz Team Awards!

The Iron Fist Award.

This is less a prediction and more an idiot test. Who will win? Who will lose? Who can find a link or the app to the answer the quickest? Who knows!

Best Defensive Forward

  • Kyle Johnston. Doesn’t he play Defense now? Oh God above, he is only going to get better! Kyle has strengthened his checking abilities, especially along the boards, and never seems to give up (unless sitting for 2 mins).
  • Duncan Brown. He has won before and, if not stopped, we fear he will win again!
  • Mathew Halverson. I get him confused a lot with S. Halverson, apparently.  Maybe Steve will win this award?

Prediction: Sean RuczkoAlways the first one in, always the most motivated skater on his way back, we think Sean is a lock this awards season.

Defenseman of The Year.

  • Andrew Van Hussen. Dewey Booth never impressed us like this.
  • Robert Antoniali. I don’t have a clever (or any) joke for this. He is pretty good.
  • Sean Ruczko. Alex had the swing vote here so…
  • Bob Long. The rookie(?) underdog(?) darkhorse? Question mark?(?)

Prediction: Right Goal Post. RGP has had a solid season – his best yet – finding opportune times to kick the puck to the corner or just come off the rails and stop the play. Our own personal Matrix of Leadership, RGP will light our darkest hour!

Most Improved Player.

Prediction: All three have gotten better on the ice but who has gotten better with a knife? That is how a real winner/psychopath collects his reward.

Most Gentlemanly Player.

Prediction: None Of The Above. Awards are a hassle, and a time sink, and lets face it – what are these pussies going to do? Fight us for the hardware? Seems unlikely.

Regular Season MVP.

Prediction: My jokes for this include, but are not limited to, “Inanimate Carbon Rod,” “Not this Blog” and “Planet Ice Delta.” Use your imagination!

The Mike Pollard Award.

Prediction: Anyone but Mike Pollard. Please.

Asshole Of The Year

This is a new award and, lets face it: you are all colossal dicks. It could be anyone!


We look forward to seeing everyone Saturday night in their finest red, white and black! Good luck to everyone!